Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in DeXit Chain. In this technical documentation, we have covered node setup instructions, all-in-one command-line interface , and different SDK modules we utilized in the DeXit Chain.

Running Node:

This is a detailed documentation for setting up a Validator or a full node or light Node, on DeXit Network.


We officially support macOS and Linux only. Other platforms may work but there is no guarantee. We will extend our support to other platforms after we have stabilized our current architecture.

Prepare your Node

The Dexit network is comprised of nodes of three types: validator node, validator fullnode and validator Light Node. To participate in consensus, you are required to run one of the validator node, and stake minimum amount of DXT coin. This section describes everything you need to stake and participate in consensus and governance. Also learn how to run a public fullnode on a local network and connect to either a testnet.
To run DeXit nodes, you will need least with the following minimum system requirements:
8-core, x86_64 architecture processor
300GB of SSD storage space
A broadband Internet connection with up/down 10Mbps
Note: If you are running a node in Testnet, 120GB SSD, 2CPU/8GB of RAM is sufficient. install DeXit Full node you can download the pre-build binaries from release page or follow the instructions to set up a full node.
Compilation Requirements
Linux or Mac
Download the config files
  1. 1.
    geth file
  2. 2.
    genesis file
  3. 3.
    Enode value


setting up service user
sudo adduser <UserNane>
making data directory to store blockchain data
sudo mkdir node
go into node directory
cd node
make another directory inside Node directory
sudo mkdir data
now you need to download compiled files
sudo wget [url of genesis file]
sudo wget [url of geth file]
cd ..
let's give the file permision to service user
sudo chgrp -R <UserName> ./
sudo chmod -R 755 ./
sudo chmod -R g+w ./
./node/geth account new --datadir ./node/data
find the account address you have created
cd node/data/keystore
this time you can initialize your node
./node/geth init --datadir ./node/data
to start your node you can use below reference command replace your account address and ENR code
./node/dexit.json ./node/geth --datadir ./node/data --unlock 0xyour-wallet-here --mine --allow-insecure-unlock --networkid 877 --bootnodes "enr:-KO4QDtDev-Cz27OX3YoRLv2ryqSn2Cj5yN09xqbodk1zDUxKwWISU7vik8PkAIHoeFVKtJ_n--EjrJ-PluxrMOwFlcBhGRpZmbAg2V0aMfGhKDpDROAgmlkgnY0gmlwhMCRJZSJc2VjcDI1NmsxoQJ5mu6wkiuzwtpABQdllGaSEF9FMCP1ur2gSeOaRJEN8oRzbmFwwIN0Y3CCdl-DdWRwgnZf" --syncmode full --snapshot=false console